Energy and Renewables

Finding, permitting, extracting and processing clean and non-renewable energy are all difficult operations requiring the inputs of expert geologists and engineers. We provide experts to assist with the marine environmental aspects of those operations.

Ports and Dredging

Big or small, tropical, subtropical or temperate, all ports have a common range of environmental challenges in their planning, construction and management. We have years of experience on many projects in helping ports or dredging companies meet these challenges without sacrificing operational efficiency.

Mining Near Marine Environments

We can offer services to deliver successful outcomes for a number of project- specific marine environmental issues, whether they be managing and monitoring water quality or conducting habitat assessments.


The aquaculture industry is a fast growing and exciting industry, but is not without its challenges. We offer our clients cost effective and comprehensive solutions for permitting and environmental management of any stage of their operation. We have proven approaches to obtaining a lease and licence, environmental monitoring or obtaining and maintaining WASQAP approval.

Marine Scientists Perth Western Australia

MScience was established to provide a link between marine scientists and industry requiring the commercial application of their expertise.

MScience has developed from the provision of academic input for the design and interpretation of studies and the monitoring of developments within tropical and subtropical marine ecosystems into a full service company with a strong capacity to support the field conduct of such work.


Our projects are about developing appropriate and innovative solutions to meet client needs.

With over 17 years working for industry and government in Australia and internationally, we have worked on a wide range of tasks and locations.

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