MScience work extensively with the Oceans Institute and Faculty of Science at the University of Western Australia. Several of our staff have joint appointments with UWA and engage in shared projects with academics and postgraduates as well as supervising students on industry projects.


We have a close working relationship with Fastwave Communications and have together designed, deployed and managed instruments to provide real-time monitoring of water quality in remote locations. Through this interaction with Fastwave we can extend our specialist services to provide comprehensive monitoring and management of both the biological and physical characteristics of the marine environment.

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EnSTar was established in 2017 to commercialise advanced remote sensing techniques developed recently in the academic realm. EnSTar accesses a small and agile team of experts with backgrounds in physics, mathematics and computer engineering with over 30 years experience in remote sensing science spanning marine, terrestrial and atmospheric domains.

EnSTar’s  services can be applied to environmental monitoring and spatial exploration using products from a wide variety of platforms including MODIS, Landsat, Sentinel, Himawari, SeaWiFS, AVHRR, WorldView to Airborne (HyMap, SPECIM Eagle) or drone-based systems. Products derived include environmental maps such as benthic habitat types or vegetation condition (seagrasses, land systems) or maps of physical conditions such as bathymetry or distribution and concentration of suspended sediments.

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Seapa is an Australian-based company that has been making smart farming equipment for the oyster industry since 1998. We rely on them for advice on bivalve grow out operations and the supply of equipment that lets farmers work in a very wide variety of ocean and estuarine conditions. Seapa’s production facility in South Australia is certified to the AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 standard and uses state of the art technology to design and manufacture products that are of the highest quality. Their gear employs UV-stabilised co-polymer polypropylene in order to withstand the rigors of the marine environment.

Linking Seapa’s on-farm experience and MScience’s understanding of regulatory requirements provides comprehensive support for your startup or existing aquaculture operation.

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International Marine and Dredging Consultants are a Belgium-based company specialising in:

Numerical modelling of hydrodynamics, sediment transport, plume dispersion, waves, and morphology;
Management and supervision of marine and dredging works;
Coastal management and flood risk studies
Hydraulic design of offshore, coastal, and marine infrastructure

 MScience has a standing agreement for IMDC to provide the above services to MScience projects. With staff having worked together in linking models to monitoring and management IMDC and MScience can provide a full and seamless response to problems from the original prediction of impacts to the field-based monitoring of predictions.