aquaculture Header-FishMScience has an established team with a combined experience of more than 20 years working in aquaculture to design, permit and maintain new facilities or enhance existing aquaculture operations.

We develop Management and Environmental Monitoring Plans (MEMP) that meet industry Codes of Practice and requirements set out by regulators for aquaculture leases and licencing. Our active role in aquaculture conferences, council meetings and forums and close relationships with the Aquaculture Council of WA, regulators and operators allows us to provide our clients with the best advice to achieve their goals.
The staff at MScience have a diverse skill base and offer vital services to the aquaculture industry. These range from implementing monitoring plans to nutrient budget modelling to achieving compliance under the Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (ASQAP).

Some of the specific services we offer to our clients are:

Government Permits, Leases & Licence applications: At MScience we have a lot of experience working with government regulations to minimise delays to our clients’ projects and facilitate smooth, cost effective operations.


MEMP Development & Execution: We produce monitoring and management plans (MEMPs) which are simple to understand and implement, while meeting regulatory requirements and achieving the standards set by the Aquaculture Council of WA’s Codes of Practice.


Monitoring: Using our experience developing monitoring programs, we implement cost effective monitoring programs for benthos, water and sediment. We have experienced field teams capable of collecting data without interrupting regular farm activities, or we are able to create reports from samples collected by our clients.


Guidance on Codes and Standards: We use our multidisciplinary background and years of experience to work with our clients to achieve leading industry accreditations. This includes working through preliminary assessments for accreditation by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.


Shellfish Quality Assurance Programs: aquaculture 2We offer detailed analysis and reporting on environmental sampling for phytoplankton, bacteriological surveys and biotoxin monitoring. We also provide assessments and mapping of pollution/contaminant sources, required for Shoreline Surveys under the ASQAP.


Nutrient Budgets: Experienced marine scientists at MScience are able to provide comprehensive desktop assessments of the likely nutrient flux surrounding aquaculture operations to support Lease and Licence applications or pinpoint potential issues.