Staff Secondment

Need a short term environmental officer to fill in for someone on leave, or to look after a specific project? We have a range of cost-effective personnel with practical experience working on marine environmental issues on resource company sites. Anyone of our people you put in these roles has immediate access to our senior staff to resolve difficult queries about legislative or administrative issues without cost to your project.

Need a ‘client representative’ to go to sea to be your on-site presence when you have a contractor team or other team working for you in remote areas, or do you need an experienced auditor to show your compliance with plans? Again, our staff have the experience in logistics, safety and technical issues, as well as the conduct of audits to keep things within your comfort zone and keep you informed of the situation. We have a number of field staff with experience in providing environmental coordinator roles in seismic surveys; all have marine mammal observer qualifications as well as offshore medicals and survival training.

So, for roles from days to months where you need temporary staff, with all personnel costs covered by us, please contact the MScience Office and speak to Chris (0437 202 652) or Jim (0419 914 569)  to discuss.