Water Quality Monitoring

MScience offer a variety of monitoring services for water quality and frequently act as expert reviewers of third-party programs. For specific studies of water chemistry that relate to outfall discharges or potential pollution issues, see our Studies page.

  • Design, deployment and management of telemetered instruments for the real-time monitoring of water quality characteristics. Including data management, interpretation and reporting.
  • Continuous in situ monitoring of light, turbidity, temperature in remote marine locations. Includes data recovery and instrument maintenance.
  • Remote sensing assessment of plumes with elevated SSC, using MODIS, Sentinel-II and other platforms.
  • Boat-based water quality assessment campaigns to quantify relationships between turbidity, light attenuation, suspended sediment concentrations and remote imaging (eg MODIS). Spatial and temporal variation in metal, nutrients and other water quality characteristics.


  • Woodside Pluto – Long term monitoring of water quality throughout almost 3 years of dredging, using real-time telemetered instrumentation and logging instruments. The continuous monitoring at 25 sites in and around Mermaid Sound represented the largest water quality monitoring program completed on the North-West Shelf and the first successful use of telemetered systems in the region.
  • Chevron Wheatstone – Design of baseline water quality monitoring together with a complementary boat based programs. Baseline included long term continuous monitoring of water quality around sensitive coral receptor sites. The boat-based program established and quantified relationships between various water quality characteristics and has been used to assess water quality through calibration of MODIS imagery.
  • Chevron Gorgon – Provided independent assessment of instrument options for telemetered turbidity measurement and ongoing oversight role in the design, manufacture, delivery, deployment and data management of these instruments for this project. Acted as an independent expert reviewer appointed by the WA Government to evaluate the results of the operator’s monitoring programs.

Technical information

We maintain a range of water quality equipment from handhelds to in situ loggers. Our in situ instrumentation includes a set of Seabird SBE16 Plus CTD loggers equipped with Wetlabs NTU and PAR sensors which can be deployed for short or long term monitoring programs.

We frequently work with instrument manufacturers, such as Fastwave, to develop specialised or telemetered instruments for monitoring water.

Our installation and maintenance procedures cover both diverless and diver-based solutions.