Aquaculture is a rapidly growing industry in Australia and is predicted to be an essential component of meeting future global food demand. The rapid expansion of aquaculture means that regulations, codes of practice and environmental standards are constantly changing. At MScience, our aquaculture experts follow the industry closely and are active participants in conferences, forums and industry representative meetmings.

Through our membership of the Aquaculture Council of Western Australia, we ensure we are well informed and can deliver the best possible environmental advice to new and existing operators. We partner with SEAPA in South Australia to deliver operators access to superior quality farming equipment and advice on design solutions for specific environments.

MScience has an established team with a combined experience of more than 20 years working in aquaculture to design, permit and monitor new facilities or enhance the performance of existing aquaculture operations.

We work across aquaculture sectors from finfish, to molluscs, to algae and understand the unique environmental and operational requirements for each.  Our staff offer expert services in facilitating licence and lease applications, field studies and general advice, tailored to suit each unique project.  We can provide cost-effective help with regulatory issues while SEAPA enhances your production systems.